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With Elektraweb Vogue Hotels Increase Their Profits and Digital Capabilities, While Reducing Costs
Elektraweb Web Based Hotel Program
With Elektraweb Vogue Hotels Increase Their Profits and Digital Capabilities, While Reducing Costs

Vogue Hotels started to use Elektraweb Hotel System, Turkey’s most preferred hotel program and started to benefit from its cloud-based advantageous, technological and safe solutions. For their 698- room hotel in Bodrum and 86-room property in Istanbul, Vogue Hotels are using Elektraweb program’s Front Office, restaurant check, free digital menu, package service program, channel management, online hotel reservation, accounting, stock, personnel, inventory, procurement, SPA,  and e-invoice and e-archive integration. At the same time, Ticket Automation and visitor management at CandyLand Entertainment and Theme Park inside the Bodrum hotel is powered by the Elektraweb.

With the Elektraweb Hotel Program, Vogue Hotels save considerably on many expense items such as server and operating system license, virus programs, backup, maintenance, and cyber security. The fact that the equipment is not connected to any network also eliminates the possibility of encountering network and system failures.

Since Elektraweb Hotel Software works easily even on the most economical Android tablets, many departments have the chance to enjoy in the comfort of working remotely. For example, managers and authorized personnel can perform all operations as if they were at the hotel, even when they are at home or outside the facility. The transactions made can be seen by all users simultaneously. Housekeeping can report the cleaning or mini bar status of the rooms to the front office, and/or any room malfunctions to the technical department via their mobile phone by creating an automatic work tasks and orders. In this way, the speed of service is maximized and guest satisfaction is significantly increased.

Vogue Hotels also effectively use the free digital menu application that Elektraweb offers to its users. With a specially designed interface, Digital Menu enables all products in the menu to be ordered online and offline via mobile devices and smart phones. The system is integrated with Elektraweb POS and Restaurant Addition program. Due to the digital menu guests can easily access a comprehensive menu including all product groups, material information, allergen warnings and price information, either from hotel website or by scanning a QR code. In addition, a technological solution is found for the guests’ problem of searching for waiters who may be at different locations around the facility. Working in integration with the e-wallet application, the system also allows guests to pay with their mobile phone or wristband.

Elektraweb SPA Program, Turkey’s first web-based and cloud structured SPA software, is integrated with the Front Office at Vogue Hotels. The program enables flexible hall, guest and equipment reservations, as well as monitoring the continuity and development of guests, as well as how they benefit from the facility. Due to this system, personnel performances can be analyzed and bonus calculations can be made without errors.

Elektra Theme Park Ticket and Entry Automation Program is a comprehensive technology that includes the ticket automation system and visitor management modules. It enables the management of the reservation, ticket sales, receiving payments, automatic login, membership management and CRM processes of theme parks, culture-arts and sports areas. Ticket sales can be carried out both at the box office and on the Internet via the Candyland website. Due to the Elektra Ticket Automation System, visitors can scan the barcode sent to their mobile phones after online purchases on the turnstile and get fast access to the facility without waiting in the queue. At the same time, with the e-wallet application supported by the system, the use of cash in the theme park is eliminated.

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