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POS Restaurant Management Program

Restaurant POS Management Program

With a single program, you will have access to all features necessary for effective and efficient restaurant management: from online ordering, FREE digital menu and package order program to stock tracking, accounting, purchasing, inventory, waiter and table tracking, report – analysis presentations and check tracking.

Moreover, since it is completely in the cloud, there is zero investment cost … You can start using it immediately and pay as you use it.

Manage Your Restaurant From Anywhere

With its web-based, cloud and mobile compatibility features, you can access the program from any device and anywhere with an internet connection. It uses the lowest possible network bandwidth. Therefore, it works fast without data loss even on slow connections. No setup required

Elektraweb POS Is Very Easy to Use
Elektraweb POS System is fast, easy-to-use and user-friendly application with a simple design. With the quick search option, you will find the product you are looking for by typing only a few characters.

Best Friend of Your Service Staff

  • You can easily access all product details.(ingredients, visuals, preparation time… etc.)
  • Additional requests, such as changes in ingredients or cooking requests, can be easily forwarded to the kitchen.

Easily Manage Your Orders

The selected product can be increased or decreased as desired, without printing the check. In addition, if an extra product is requested, it is added to that check and sent. Waiter gets immediately informed about ready orders.

Get Payment with Any Method You Want

In addition to many methods, such as cash, credit card, meal card, and payment from the account, it also allows your guests to pay in “partial” form. You can have checks in different currencies and follow detailed cash registers.

Outstanding Features of the Elektraweb Restaurant Program

Elektraweb POS provides FREE “Digital Menu” to all facilities, which can be easily added to company’s website.
Elektraweb POS provides FREE “Digital Menu” to all facilities, which can be easily added to company’s website.
  • Facilities can be easily accessed through both mobile and web. Guests can access the digital menu online or by scanning QR code.
  • Online orders can be received to the table and/or room inside the facility, or to address or take-away from outside the property.
  • Food photos, ingredients, allergens, nutritional and energy values are displayed during online ordering, in the language preferred by the customer.
  • Customers can create their own favourite menus, and earns points for every order or share they make.
Order with QR Code
Order with QR Code

QR code produced by Elektraweb POS for the facility can be used on business cards, checks, flyers and magnets, allowing for faster and easier reach.

In this way, your customers can access your digital menu from anywhere, at the table, in their room, on the sunbed, at the beach, at home, at work, and easily choose and order some of your latest products.

Order from Social Media
Order from Social Media

Both the facility and its customers can promote products by sharing them on social media. Direct sales can be made with a link added to social media pages, as well as periodic and limited campaigns.

You can define points or discounts for your customers who share your digital menu through their social media accounts. With each order or share they make they can collect points.

Receive Payments with Virtual POS
Receive Payments with Virtual POS

Get your virtual POS immediately with zero cost and have online payments on your bank account the next day without waiting.

Accept credit and debit cards from all banks, make installments and let your customers earn points.

Kitchen Tracking
Kitchen Tracking
  • Up to 10 different kitchens can be followed by order printers or screens.
  • It is ensured that all orders are entered into the kitchen, while preparation and service times are monitored with touch screens.
  • Communication between service staff and kitchen is fully done via mobile devices.
Package Tracking
Package Tracking
  • Both you and your customers can easily follow every step of the order (acceptance, preparation, service, delivery) online or by phone.
  • No order is skipped, it is delivered instantly. Your couriers can access order and route information from their mobile phones and receive the payment upon delivery.
Integration to Food Sales Systems
Integration to Food Sales Systems

It can be integrated with food-sales websites in your country.

Orders you receive from these sites fall into your system online, and you do not have to use another program.

Cash Register Integration
Cash Register Integration

It can be integrated with all cash registers. As soon as you print the check, all information are transferred to the POS device and the receipt is automatically issued.

Membership Management, CRM, e-Wallet
Membership Management, CRM, e-Wallet
    • Possibility to become a member with a single SMS confirmation
    • Ability to create a profile, favourite menus or easy re-order by listing old ones
    • Automatic allergen alert according to the member’s profile
    • Earning points for members both from their own orders and shares they make on social media.
    • Uploading money to e-wallet with credit card and paying using e-wallet during online ordering
    • Ability to use e-wallets for contactless payment with QR code within the facility


    Members can enter their preferences into the system and enable the company to know them better, evaluate the facility and services with surveys and comments, and ensure that any problems are immediately noticed and corrected. Members can be notified of campaigns or promotions via channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, and special discounts can be applied for marriage, birthday and anniversary celebrations.

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