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Elektraweb ID and Passport Reading Software

Elektraweb ID and Passport Reading Software

Elektraweb Smart ID Reader is a software that can scan and identify every type of ID card and passport all around the world, save them in image and text format and transfer them to any programme on Windows.

In institutions where identity registration is obligatory such as hotels and hospitals, Smart ID Reader reduces the time required for ID registration, and eliminates errors and increases the clients’ satisfaction and quality of service.

Contactless ID Reader for Hotels

Keep social distance with “Contactless ID” technology at your hotel front office with Kimlikokur.
Guests only need to keep their ID or passport in front of the webcam of the reception computer.
System ensures that the photographed ID is transferred to the program.
No contact, no risk… Only customer satisfaction…


Check-in compatible with GDPR With Kimlikokur:
Check-in compatible with GDPR With Kimlikokur:

– After ID photo and credentials are transferred to the front office program, they can be encrypted and only the authorized person with password can access the ID information.
– The ID can be deleted as soon as it is taken, or the official and ID data can be automatically deleted after the specified day.
– Photos and data can be deleted automatically at certain intervals.
– It can be ensured that transferred IDs are removed from the list and no one can reach them.
– It can be ensured that ID photos are stored encrypted and can only be accessed from Kimlikokur.

– “This is a copy and the guest’s permission has been obtained” or a text customized according to user’s preferences can be automatically added on the ID photos.

Smart id reader features
Smart id reader features

The SmartIDReader technology has many superior features that distinguish it from its competitors. We can summarise a few a follows;

– Works with all scanners, isn’t dependent to a single device;

– 100% ability to read the passport documents and line-coded identification cards issued by all countries;

– Possesses a very high accuracy rate with the TR Identity cards;

– Able to transfer data to any kind of program;

– Fast and practical usage;

– One key operation for the scanner;

– Automatically detect the type, the front and back side of any ID document;

– Learns new document types;

– Able to be integrated with more than one program;

– Works with the hotkey of the integrated program;

– Able to operate in silent mode, in the background, without being seen;

– Transfers the ID cards picture as well as the information to the integrated program;

– Simultaneously writing of data in form, table and text form;

– Transferring selected information by turning it into the programs required format;

– Capitalising only the first letters;

– Changing Turkish characters into English;

– Scanning the defected parts of ID cards by simply selecting them with the mouse;

– Successive group reading for group registrations and transferring after is possible;

– Output designed according to the user’s preferences;

– Unlimited archiving and easy access to the archived information;

– Compatible with portable scanners;

– Able to read from files;

– Supports two-way scanners and simultaneously scanning of front and back side of the ID cards;

– Able to transfer to Windows, Java and Web based programs.

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