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Accounting Management

Accounting Management

It is a comprehensive web-based accounting management system designed specifically for hotel needs. It has purchasing, fixtures, personnel, stock, and sales management modules, in addition to pre-accounting and general accounting, and can manage all administrative processes of the enterprise. Because it is completely modular, the desired modules can be added later as needed.


  • Income and expense analysis can be made according to cost centers, project cards and operation definitions.
  • You can plan your cash flow thanks to Payment Orders, which are created automatically from modules and can be added manually.
  • Automatically reminds due payments and collections.
  • By the aging analysis, you can see your overdue debts and receivables, and with a single click, you can create your payment orders for your debts to vendors.


  • While you can filter by branches, expense centers, project cards, operation groups and special codes in Trial Balance and Subsidiary reports, you can also draw trial balance by detailing them according to branches and cost centers.
  • You can see the latest balances of all your cash, credit card, bank, buyer, seller and checking accounts on our Financial Status page. At the same time, you can see the totals of your checks/promissory notes as well as the invoice totals you have received or issued within the date range you want. You can access the details with one click.
  • Thanks to our budget module, you can enter your budget figures for your income and expenses on a monthly basis on the basis of your expense centers or chart of accounts. You can have the data automatically calculated by the system, and you can take the necessary measures for your business to make a profit by tracking the deviations in amount and percentage in your monthly/cumulative reports.
  • Screen designs can be stored privately for the user. This design can be exported to excel as it appears completely. All information can be transferred to excel, as well as from excel to the program by copying.


Elektraweb Accounting module is e-invoice compatible

Elektraweb Accounting Management Features

Elektraweb Accounting Modules
Elektraweb Accounting Modules
  • Cost Centers
  • Project Cards
  • Operation Definitions
  • Chart of Accounts and Foreign Currency Account Tracking
  • Accounting Slips
  • Payment Orders
  • Trial balance
  • Assistant
  • e-Reconciliations
  • BABS Forms
  • Aging Analysis
  • Financial statements
  • Financial Status
  • Account Analysis
  • Profit/Loss Analysis by Cost Center
  • Project Cost Tracking
  • Currency Valuation Slips
  • Mirror Plugs
  • Check Voucher Module
  • Bank Loans Module
  • Periodic Costs Module
  • Budget Tracking Module
  • Automatic Bank Integration Module
  • Marketplaces Integration Module
  • Integration API Infrastructure
  • E-Ledger Integrations
Account Receipt
Account Receipt

All areas can be viewed or concealed on all lists. Preferred areas can be grouped together. All analyses can be accessed easily due to detailed information on invoices.

Receipt Input
Receipt Input
  • When transactions in other currencies are being done only the TL or currency amount is enough, the system will exchange it automatically. If needed the currency can be interfered with.
  • The receipt structure supports and automatically fills out document number, date and type fields suitable with the latest legislation, UFRS an E-book formats and warns the user when it is mandatory.Prevents the user from inputting incomplete or wrong information by guiding them.
Receipt Input Video
Expense Control at the Receipt Input on an Expense Centre Basis
Expense Control at the Receipt Input on an Expense Centre Basis
    • Automatic distribution to lines can be done according expense centre keys during receipt input. For instance thanks to this you can automatically distribute an expense lines to an expense centre of your choice.

    Lose No Data on Elektraweb

    • All deleted receipts or deleted lines on receipts are saved separately and can only be retrieved with the proper authority. In other words no data is deleted physically.
    • All receipts can be tagged as «in process» «approved» etc. thanks to the detailed authorisation. Approved receipts cannot be altered by unauthorised people.
Expense Control at the Receipt Input on an Expense Centre Basis Video
Fast and Easy Invoice Input
Fast and Easy Invoice Input
  • While inputting invoices if wanted it can be defined in 8 different categories consisting of expense centres, project codes, 2 special and 2 group codes or the whole invoice as one. All the information is recorded on accounting slips when the invoice is recognised.
  • All information and account assistants can be reached easily
  • Data input for invoices with additional tax to be payed such as producer receipts, note of expenses or self-employment invoices can easily be done with the invoice input page.
  • Accounting slips belonging to the invoice can be viewed before saving. If requested the accounting slip can be automatically printed while the invoice is being recorded.
Fast and Easy Invoice Input Video
Invoice Discounts, Fixed Terms, Payment Options
Invoice Discounts, Fixed Terms, Payment Options
  • Invoice fixed terms are automatically formed according to the chosen checking account. Can be changed manually if needed.
  • 2 discount percentage lines on the invoice and a total of 6 underneath including both percentage and amount. True stock expenditure can be calculated according to these discount lines.
  • Materials can be received without charge with a freight bill. With the arrival of the invoice the freight bill can be turned into an invoice to make the expense definite. In this event the materials are accepted in with a freight bill. The freight bill’s date will be used as the materials acceptance date.
  • Payment belonging to an invoice can be put straight on the invoice. In fact this payment can be made to separate accounts in different amounts.
Elektraweb Accounting Module is сompatible with e-Invoice
Elektraweb Accounting Module is сompatible with e-Invoice
  • E-invoice is compatible. It automatically recognizes companies that are invoice payers and does not allow printing normal invoices. It receives the e-invoice number by sending it online as an e-invoice.
  • E-invoice sending can be done through the portal or with a private integrator.
  • It is possible to generate the e-archive invoice through a private integrator.
  • The BaBs report is prepared according to the invoice title and tax office field, so that purchase and sales invoices can be entered without opening a current card. For example, it is not necessary to open a current card for companies that have been paid in advance at the hotel.

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