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Elektraweb POS Restaurant Management Program

The Most Comprehensive POS Restaurant Management WITH ZERO INVESTMENT COST…

Works with all desktop, tablet, mobile devices; Elektraweb POS Restaurant Management Program used entirely from the cloud,
It offers very important advantages that you cannot find all in one system in order to manage your restaurant, increase your profitability and gain loyal customers. Moreover, since it is completely in the cloud, with zero investment cost…

Elektraweb Restaurant Program offers many important applications “FREE” to its users.

– Free Digital Menu
– Free Package Order Program
– Free Online Ordering Program
– Free e-Wallet Application
– Free e-Card Application
– Free Virtual POS integration

All the Features You Need in One Program

You will be able to access many features such as online food ordering program, package order program, restaurant stock tracking, restaurant accounting, restaurant purchasing, restaurant fixtures, waiter and table tracking, restaurant report – analysis presentations, which you will need while operating your restaurant, through a single program.

Elektraweb Restaurant Program

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