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CRM and Loyalty Management

CRM and Loyality Management

You can organize campaigns and earn points with Loyalty Management to increase the number of repeat visits from your guests and get to know them better. The points that your guests earn will influence their decision to return to you for their next vacation.


Point gains, for example; You can also provide it during your first stay, on special days such as marriage and birthday. In order to further diversify the methods of earning points, they can also earn from extra expenses they will make during their stay.


The earned points can also be used for online booking, during checkout or for the next stay. With the use of points as bonus discounts, it will be possible for the invoice amount to be exactly correct.


How to Use the Membership System?
How to Use the Membership System?

With automatic definitions, guests can receive special discounts from departments such as restaurants, bars, and SPAs, book a la carte restaurants, use the beach, participate in some activities, and receive certain services for free.
These definitions can be set by facilities based on the type of membership they have. Membership types are classified based on the minimum number of reservations, overnight stays, and spending limits. Special discounts for the guest’s extra expenses, reservation discounts, bonus earning policies, promotion code specific to the membership type, automatic job description, and reservation special notes can all be easily added to the system.
E-mail campaigns and membership-specific promotional codes and benefits can be created using the Elektraweb CRM system.



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Take Care of Your Guests with Elektraweb CRM
Take Care of Your Guests with Elektraweb CRM

With the Elektraweb CRM system, which is included in the front desk module and works integrated with the online reservation modules, you can use all CRM data both during the online reservation process and during and after your stay.
Elektraweb CRM System keeps and analyzes more than 40 different information of your guests and offers suggestions, products and services so that you can take care of them in the best way.

With the Elektraweb CRM system;

  • Can apply an Online Survey.
  • Can send bulk mailing, SMS and Whatsapp messages.
  • Can define automatic tasks according to customer demand.
  • You can follow the special days of your guests and give gifts.
  • You can reach dozens of information such as past reservations, preferences, hobbies, travel reasons, survey results and comments with one click.



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Apply Online Survey with One Click!
Apply Online Survey with One Click!

There is no limit to the number of survey forms you can create.
You can easily invite your guests to participate by sending the link to the surveys you’ve created via SMS, e-mail, or Whatsapp. The results of completed surveys are automatically entered into the Elektraweb system and detailed reports are generated.



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