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ELEKTRA GUEST APPLICATION reduces the workload in the hotels and increases the customer satisfaction

all in line with Covid-19 prevention measures. Not only does it assures the maintenance of social distance for 24 different operations such as restaurant or SPA reservation, online check-in/check-out, food /beverage order, room cleaning, bell boy request, etc. but it also provides hotels with possibilities for new revenue gains.

The application allows hotel guests to digitally submit their reservation, purchase and service
requests, choose from alternatives, confirm and make contactless online payments.

With ELEKTRA GUEST APPLICATION hotel guests will be able to;

  • Online Check-in
  • Online Bill Request
  • Online Restaurant Reservation
  • Online SPA Reservation
  • Online Info Catalog
  • Online Room Cleaning Request
  • Online Wake-Up Service Request
  • Online Food & Beverage Order
  • Online Failure Notification
  • Online Request / Complaint Form
  • Online Bell Boy Request
  • Online Laundry Service Request

• Online Golf Course Reservation
• Online Sunbed Reservation
• Online Water Sports Reservation
• Online Tennis Court Reservation
• Online Room Type                              • UpgradeOnline Transfer Request
• Online Health Control Form
• Online Room Door Code Request
• Online Room Door Opening
• Online Check-Out

Elektraweb Guest Application Features

How to Use Elektraweb Guest Application ?
How to Use Elektraweb Guest Application ?

Businesses can make this system available to their guests through a link on their website or through the platform’s mobile application.

After clicking the link on the hotel’s website and accessing the relevant page or by downloading the application to their phones, guests can log in with the reservation or voucher number provided by the facility.

If the guest does not have necessary log-in information, he/she can make a request by clicking the “Send My Link” text on the same screen and the necessary information will be sent to his/her personal mail address.

How to Use Elektraweb Guest Application ? Video
Online Check-in at Hotels
Online Check-in at Hotels

With “Elektra Guest Application”, guests can now perform Online Check in – Check Out, Online Folio, Online Invoice and Online Payment transactions without physical contact.

Guest can easily take and add the passport / ID photo with his/her mobile phone, tablet or computer camera. Due to OCR method, system can automatically fill in the guest credentials.

At this stage, by placing signature directly on the screen, guest also gives electronically the necessary approval for GDPR and other transactions.

Each guest can fill his/her own information or do the bulk check-in for other guests staying in the same room.

In this way, the close distance during the registration process at the front office desk, such as identification, paper-pen exchange, photocopying, etc., disappears.

No more Room Keys in Hotels

The contactless / keyless room door can be opened with the Wi-Fi method instead of the room key or card.

When checking out, the guest can see the account statement, pay online and even request the invoice information to be sent online.

Online Check-in at Hotels Video
Reservation for All Facilities in the Hotel, from Restaurant to Golf Courses, Can Be Completed Online
Reservation for All Facilities in the Hotel, from Restaurant to Golf Courses, Can Be Completed Online

Guest can make online reservation for all hotel facilities* that require appointment arrangements such as beach, SPA, A la Carte Restaurant, Golf or Tennis courts.

Upon receiving reservation request and checking “Session, Capacity and Occupancy” through Elektra Guest Application, reservation of the relevant table/sun bed etc. is completed with the adequate reference number. If the reservation requires payment, it is automatically reflected in the guest folio.

Now, guests can plan and arrange the entire holiday stay through their mobile phones, without having to wait anywhere

*According to the hotel needs, in Elektra Guest Application online reservation option can be added for different products and services such as Daily Tours, Bicycle Rental, etc.

Waiter-Free Order with Digital Menu
Waiter-Free Order with Digital Menu

Digital Menu enables all products in the menu to be ordered both online and offline via mobile devices and smartphones, by using an interface specially designed for the related hotel property.

In this manner, the mandatory communication between guest and service staff and the service staff and kitchen personnel is minimized. In addition, product photos, prices and descriptions in digital menus can be updated instantly and arranged as desired, with multiple language options.

Alternatively, guests may request for the order to be sent to their rooms or to the beach.

Thus, the restaurant of the hotel not only gains speed in providing its services, but also increases the guest’s satisfaction.

Online Order and Purchase
Online Order and Purchase

Extra services which provide additional income to the hotel, such as Room Upgrade, Transfer Service, Late Check-Out or Paid Activities, can be sold from a single screen with Elektra Guest Application.

Secure payment link is sent to the guest in order to complete the payment for the expenses made in the hotel / restaurant. By clicking on the link, guest sees the amount to be paid and completes the transaction safely according to the PCI standards.

All Communication between Guests and the Hotel is Done Online
All Communication between Guests and the Hotel is Done Online

When the guest enters any complaint, request, reservation or order, it is directly transmitted to the relevant hotel department. Guest can observe the whole completion process related to his/her request, plans made, operational stages and follow the completion status.

After completing the request, if desired, guest can leave feedback and/ or satisfaction scoresabout the related process.

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