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Park Automation Solutions

Elektraweb Park / Club / Beach Automation System

It is an automation system for managing the sales, pay receipt, and automatic barcode entry processes of amusement and theme parks, clubs, beaches, amusement, culture, art, or sports areas. It solves paid-in-advance, pricing, automatic pass permit, member bracelet, or card printing processes based on member type through a single program because it works with member management systems.


Elektraweb park otomasyonu mobil ekran

Quick and Easy Management

  • It is web-based and cloud-based; it can be used immediately wherever there is an internet connection.
  • It can work with an unlimited number of entrance turnstiles and all kinds of cards, barcodes, QR readers.
  • Single and/or group tickets are easily printed with the quick and easy login screen. These tickets can be in the form of cards or bracelets.
  • The printed card or wristbands can use Qr (Barcode) or RF (contactless) technology.
  • A separate card or wristband can be printed to all members of a group, or a common card/wristband can be printed for the entire group.
  • Even if separate cards are issued, families and groups can use a common balance if they want.


  • If desired, information such as name, surname, phone number can be taken during the initial registration and membership and CRM work can be done.
  • Money can also be loaded to the card for internal expenses during and/or after the initial registration.
  • A balance check is made when passing through the turnstiles and electronic gates, and the entrance fee is deducted from the card according to the characteristics of the ticket issued.
  • Visitors can spend the extra balance loaded on the card at the sales points inside, and they can see the card balances and statements from their mobile phones. They can upload money online with a credit card if they want.


  • At the sales points inside (restaurant / bar/market /subparks), waiters and employees can make sales via mobile phone.
  • The card balance can be refunded during the evening check-out, if desired, the balances can be stored monthly or periodically.
  • With the detailed contract structure, different ticket types and different menu options can be defined for different periods for agencies and individual entrances, discounts can be used.
  • With the detailed discount structure, entrance tickets and all products in POS can be sold at different prices and discounts.
  • Safe deposit November and income reports can be obtained in detail on the basis of employee tickets and products.
  • It is integrated with cash register and e-invoice.


What Does Park Automation System Cover?
What Does Park Automation System Cover?

 Ticket Sales
 Online Reservation
 e-Wallet Applications
 Virtual POS Integration
 Restaurant Management
 Digital Menu
 Contactless Payment Solutions
 (Wristband, card, etc.)
 Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) and Guest Relations
 Multiple Language Options
 Multi-Currency
 SMS and E-mail Sender
 Promotion Management
 Sub-Agency Management
 Turnstile Access Systems
 Contactless Access Solutions
 (Wristband, Card etc.)
 Membership Management
 Loyalty Applications
 Mobile Usage
 Cash Register Integration
 e-Invoice, e-Archive Integration
 Detailed Case and Income Reporting

Automated Payment and Access System Equipment
Automated Payment and Access System Equipment

Self-adhesive, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, anti-bacterial, heat-only (with the thermal printers) wristbands suitable for printing text, images, QR codes


Direct thermal printers for printing the heat-sensitive wristbands that do not require toner-ink


Business-specific RFID or Proximity cards can be personalized with the help of thermal printers and membership, loyalty or visitor cards can be created.


User-friendly turnstile systems compatible with all kinds of access control systems (QR, RF, etc.)





Land Of Legend – Antalya


Land Of Legend – Kazakistan


İsfanbul Theme Park – İstanbul


Anadolu Kulübü – İstanbul


İncekum Plajı – Antalya




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