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Call Center Program

Call Center Program

With Elektraweb Call Center Solutions, you can collect the calls of all your customers contacting you over telephone, WhatsApp, web-site and social media at a common platform and ensure that your team inform and receive the special requests by contacting them.

Collect All Your Calls on Single Platform


You can automatically record the messages and requests delivered to your WhatsApp account.

Social Media:

You can view the messages delivered to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


You can easily transfer the chat section and “Call Me” section on your web-site to the system and instantly share price and availability.


All incoming calls to your Call Center are recorded and saved to CRM data base.

Integrate Your Call Center and CRM System

  • The guest information, hotel name, way of communication, call direction, call channel and reference information are viewed on single screen.
  • Information about the past calls, requests, past reservation requests, hotel accommodations and future reservations of the guests making the all can easily be accessed.
  • In case of a work or duty requested by the guest, a request can be created or the comment made can be recorded.
  • The surveys can be shared to measure the guest experiences.

Elektraweb Call Center Management

Manage Your Approvals such as All Discounts and Promotions at Your Call Center
Manage Your Approvals such as All Discounts and Promotions at Your Call Center

The requests such as discount and special promotion recorded by the call center team are digitally shared with the directors and the approval received are digitally saved. The system works in integration with the loyalty management. The e-mails concerning the pre-reservation, payment link sending, payment tracking, confirmation and online check-in transactions are automatically send.  The smart system, which ensures that your calls turn into reservations at a high rate, also reports the calls that do not turn into sales and analyzes the reasons.

Calls and Reservations
Calls and Reservations

With Elektraweb Call Center Solutions,

  • No call is left unanswered;
  • Your reservation rate increases and
  • Your customer satisfaction increases.

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