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Fixture and Depriciation Management

Fixture and Depriciation Management

Elektra Fixture and Depriciation Module is a module integrated with accounting, able to take stock using a handheld barcode reader, which can print barcodes according to an items features and placement and can follow up on guaranty and service contracts.

  • Fixtures Location Descriptions
  • Asset Life Codes
  • Asset Groups
  • Asset Cards
  • Asset Count Cards
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Separation Transactions
  • Barcode and NFC Support in Mobile System
  • Accumulated Depreciation Lists
  • Asset Barcode List
  • Asset Counting Module
  • Mobile Asset Movements Module
  • Mobile Asset Counting Module


– Printing barcode tags

– Viewing the expiration dates for items

– Loss tracking

– Amortisation tracking

– Debt tracking

– Material group and dealer tracking

Features of Elektraweb Fixture Program

  • Fixtures are grouped and tracked according to cost centres and branches.
  • Fixtures allocated for units are registered to the responsible person and the location of the fixture is recorded.
  • Lifespan codes can be downloaded from the internet and information about general lifespan codes can be recorded on the computer. Also if a lifespan code must be added it will be added to this form.   
  • The Amortisation Analyses Menu and the fixture amortisations expenses can be filtered by date.
    When a new fixture is bought all information on the fixture card will be filled out automatically by the system and the fixtures amount and quantity will be integrated with accounting about an invoice being recorded into the system
  • When a new fixture is purchased, the amount and number of fixtures related to the invoice entry into the system are both integrated into the accounting, and the system automatically fills the information in the fixture card content.
    Fixtures can be tracked by categorizing them based on expense centers and branches.
    The sections of the fixtures are embezzled to the appropriate person, and the location of the fixture is recorded.

  • Fixture life codes can be obtained from the internet, and information about general lifetime codes can be stored in the system. In addition, if a lifetime code is required, it is added to this form.
    The depreciation amounts of the fixtures can be filtered using the Depreciation Analysis Menu.

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