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Fair Congress and Seminar Digital Registration System

Fair Congress and Seminar Digital Registration System

Elektraweb Fair, Congress and Seminar Digital Recording System is cloud-based; can be used with the mobile phones and is very advantageous, easy to use and economical compared to the other systems since the participants can also make their own records.

QR Code cards also act as digital business cards.

Cloud Structure, Mobile Usage

Elektraweb Fair Congress and Seminar Digital Registration System is cloud-based and runs on Google cloud servers in the database opened on behalf of your event. Thus, the registration system is started without paying any additional hardware and license fees and can be used from anywhere, at any time and with any device (PC, tablet, mobile). The data can be securely accessed from the cloud and easily transferred to the requested program.

  • The participants can also register and print their own cards via a link on the event
    website or by scanning the QR at the entrance
  • After the registration, both the participant and event management will receive a digital
    login registration via email . The user can also use this relevant digital card if they
  • The participants can enter by swiping their cards on the mobile phone of the staff at
    the entrance.  Thus, any number of officers can control an unlimited number of points
    without any additional cost.
  • When the QR Code on the badge is scanned with the mobile phone camera, it adds
    all the participant “information to the phone” directory.  Thus, the participants can
    also use their name badges as virtual business cards that they distribute to each other
    and other participating companies.
  • You can print the name badges with your own corporate colors and logos in the printing
    house and you can print the participant information from any printer afterwards. Thus, you
    can distribute a much more prestigious card and minimize your card printing costs.
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