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5 Expert’s Recommendations for Hoteliers in the Period of COVID-19 Crisis
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5 Expert’s Recommendations for Hoteliers in the Period of COVID-19 Crisis

Tourism is definitely one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic crisis caused by the worldwide spread of COVID-19 virus. With the hope that these hard days will be overcome in the nearest future, we would like to share with our hoteliers and partners some of the experts’ recommendations on how to decrease and cope with the negative effects of this crisis.

  • Organize live sweepstakes on your website for free accommodation and discount deals. Constantly promote special offers for your guests.
  • Suggest your guests postponing instead of canceling the reservation. However, if a guest wishes to definitely cancel the reservation, allow it without charging extra fees.
  • Announce your health measures, precautions and procedures on your websites. This can be a good approach in attempt to motivate people to travel in the upcoming months.
  • Stick to your pricing strategy. Some chains and hotels will lower prices regardless of their existing reservations. This approach will prevail in the whole market and will extend the time to return to normal. We should know well that there will be no more demand in this period, regardless of price levels.
  • Determine what is the optimum occupancy rate for your property and make arrangements on your sales channels in this direction.
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