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ElektraWeb partners with the best – Bryntum Scheduler

ElektraWeb cloud structured hotel management system combines the latest products and technologies in order to provide hoteliers with the fast, efficient and easy-to-use software solution. In this blog post, we would to like to emphasize the auxiliary packages it uses, especially Bryntum Scheduler.

The Best Auxiliary Packages

ElektraWeb uses Angular, TypeScript-based web application powered by Google and, currently, one of the most popular platforms for building web and mobile applications. In order to produce dynamically updated views, it uses HTML-written templates with custom tags and bounds them to data processed by TypeScript classes. Besides Angular, ElektraWeb also relies on Bryntum Scheduler, a sophisticated scheduling UI component. Bryntum Scheduler is a full featured resource scheduler with modern and high performance visual components such as buttons, form fields and grids allowing users to benefits from grouping, filtering, tree view, dependency lines and other features.

ElektraWeb uses the most advanced technology and the best auxiliary packages such as ag-Grid product in the grid section and Bryntum Scheduler as time scheduler. Apart from that, ElektraWeb team developed all the other components (more than 50) on its own, by using the Angular 9 infrastructure developed by Google. By combining powerful tools such as Angular, ag-Grid and Bryntum Scheduler, ElektraWeb developed a high-tech solution with user-friendly and modern interface.

ElektraWeb Room Calendar

One of the best examples on use of Bryntum Scheduler feature in ElektraWeb hotel PMS is Room Calendar module. Elektraweb’s Room Calendar is a feature that facilitates hotel’s front office operations. It transforms reservation management from time consuming and complicated activity into enjoyable and stress-free working experience. From only one screen, with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, receptionists can perform a set of reservation-related tasks. Room Calendar of ElektraWeb uses the Bryntum Scheduler solutions to allow the user to create reservation for the desired room number and for the desired date range. Users should simply click on the desired start date, drag the mouse until the desired end date and drop it. Sometimes, hotel guests may wish to change the date of their stay. Instead of finding the related guest record in the long list of reservations, receptionists can now use ElektraWeb’s Room Calendar which is visually much more appealing and convenient for use. With Brythum Scheduler feature on the ElekraWeb’s Room Calendar, user should just extend or shorten the reservation box and this changes the date of the reservation. In addition, simple reservation screen is automatically opened for a quick creation of reservation card by entering the basic reservation info such as guest name and surname, number of guests, board type, agency and price. With the right mouse click on the reservation box, most commonly used reservation-related operations can be performed. This is just one of the examples on how ElektraWeb PMS solution uses the superb features offered by Brythum Scheduler.

ElektraWeb represents a solution that benefits from the best technological platforms and features joined into high quality hotel management software. It shows the functionality and quality of the Bryntum Schedular features which are creatively used, indicating they can have a wide application area. Our team looks forward to long synergy between ElektraWeb and Bryntum Schedular with desire to keep inspiring each other in creating high quality end-user applications.

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