Elektraweb Channel Manager

  • ElektraWeb has an integrated channel manager which does not only synchronize online channels (Booking.com, Expedia, Hotelbeds, HotelsPro etc.) but also receives the reservations in the hotel. That is why it is much easier and more effective.
  • ElektraWeb has two-way connection that is occupancy information and prices are sent to channels and reservations are received.
Channel Manager With PMS
  • ElektraWeb channel manager system is very flexible. In addition to sending and receiving options, availability, discounts, and prices can be revised according to channels.
  • Virtual room types can be used and virtual room type availability can be formulated based on actual room types.

Elektraweb Channel Manager

Sell on 1500+ Channels with

ElektraWeb & Rate Gain Cooperation

Sell Your Hotel Property Through More than 1200 Channels Worldwide at Very Affordable Prices
ElektraWeb Hotel Management Software started cooperation with RateGain, one of the largest distribution management companies in the world. RateGain allows hoteliers to generate more revenue every day by establishing connection to more than 1200 channels, over 360 online travel agencies and over 900 tour operators, around the world.
Used among more than 125,000 hotels worldwide, RateGain offers functional products such as RezGain Channel Manager, Smart Distribution and GDS integrations aiming at maximization of hotel’s revenue.
Thanks to the integration of RateGain with GDSs such as Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport, hoteliers will be able to use the full potential of effective channel management. Through GDS integration users will have access to thousands of travel agencies worldwide, with the opportunity to sell their rooms to a much wider customer base.

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