ElektraWeb Has an Integrated Booking Engine

Open Up Your Hotel to World Through Your Own Website Make Profitable Sales

  • ElektraWeb has an integrated booking engine that can be used by guests and travel agents both on the web and on mobile. For group hotels and chains, central reservation system can be used as a booking engine

No Middleman, No Commission

  • With the Online Reservation Module sell directly to your customers and don’t pay commission. Also receive payment directly and in cash from your customers.
  • Hotels using the Elektra Online Reservation Module receives reservations through their own website, inquiries availability instantly through the front office, reserves the appropriate room and confirms the guest.
  • The online reservation page creates awareness for you hotel on the internet, increases the hotels brand equity and creates a CRM database. This information would not have to be shared with another agency or rival.
  • ElektraWeb has a built-in payment processor with PCI DSS certification. You can get secure online credit and debit card payments
  • Elektraweb supports different payment methods such as On-Site Payment + On-Site Deposit + Credit Card + Points

Virtual POS Integration

  • You can either use your own virtual POS or our virtual POS. Our virtual POS has agreements with all banks and provides you with the opportunity to make instalment sales with attractive commission rates.

Easy to use
It has a fast interface.


Daily Occupancy and Price Information
It gives daily prices and occupancies for each room as well as the total price.


It Shows Amount and Discount Rate
It shows prices with the discount rates as normal or discount.


Alternative Price List
It also lists different prices and discounts for the same room.


All Transactions in One Page
Can make reservations with a single step.


Multiple Reservation
Can make multiple reservations for different dates and room types at the same time.


Multiple Payment Option
It offers a variety of payment options.


Credit Card, installment and point usage
It recognizes Credit Card, uses points, makes installments.


Informing with SMS and E-mail
When the reservation is made, it makes the notification by SMS and e-mail.

Flight, Transfer and Extra
It offers flight and transfer options.


Multilingual and Multiple Currency
You can select what you want from unlimited language and currency options.


Design for Corporate Identity
View of the hotel can be made customized. (Content, color, fonts, themes, background, logo etc.)


Flexible Data Entry
Address and identity such as informations can be customized by the hotel.


Interactive Use
Thanks to online chat, click to call and call me form, be in contact with customers during booking. It notifies the demand to the hotel with SMS.


Booking Confirmation with SMS
It makes instant notification to hotel with SMS upon completion of reservation.

Integrated with Social Media
It provides links to your social media pages.


Directions on the Map
It provides directions via Google Maps.


Mobile Compatible
Thanks to its responsive structure, it gives access to all devices.


Special design for touch screen
Instead of a list, option tabs are designed to be easily used on mobile devices.


Special Web Address
It gives its name to a web address to each hotel in the form of hotelsname.rezervasyonal.com

Comment Site Integration
You can see the best comments on your online booking page.


Additional pages which can be designed
You can create additional pages or factsheets. You can do promotions.


It creates automated pop-up screens.

Easy to use
Management of Extranet is very easy and practical. You can quickly sign up to start your sales.


Use of Contract
You can use a combination of contract and daily pricing.
With the contracts, you will access a lot of features which you cannot do by using the online booking system.
For example, you can give different prices for different reservation dates.
Can provide special discounts for different types of accommodation. (7 = 6, 14 = 12, honeymoons etc.)
The prices of reservation can be controlled retroactively.

Entering Daily Prices
You can enter daily prices for the desired dates.


Flexible Selling Rules
You can define features for each day on the daily screen such as Stop, MinLOS, MaxLOS, CTA, CTD


Description of Discount and Campaign
You can define discounts on the features that you want. For example, 15% discount for bookings which made before 60 days or 50% discount for daily reservation that are made after 10:00 PM.


Promotion Management
You can create special promotional codes for your customers. These promotions can be used by each customer, as well as used in general. Can distributed with e-mail or advertising.


Agency Sale System
You can define your specific price and method of payment for your agencies and corporations. You can send them the password to login. So, you will have the chance to make reservations 24/7 for many agencies without asking about availability and the price.


Pricing according to Market
According to IP you can give different prices to the different markets. You decide how many markets you create and which countries to include in these markets. If you want, you can close room types or all your sales to some markets.

Channel Manager
You can simultaneously update multiple online channels. If you want, you can send different rates and occupancy to the online channels

Sales from Facebook
With the online booking page you set up on your Facebook, you can receive reservations on social media.

Web Page Reservation Button
It provides a lot of forms of search alternatives in order to put on the main page of your website.


You can make your SEO settings, with platforms such as Google Analytics. You can integrate your data.

Availability for Booking
Forwarding to different dates if there is no availability for reservation You can do.

You can add the contract you want ( KVKK, Privacy … etc.)

Special Price Definitions
Special discounted price for B2B and B2C Agents and Corporate Customers You can define and send a promotional price link to the guest.

Upsell and Cross-sell Technology
Maximum income from a single reservation with Upsell and Cross-sell technology possibility

Bonus And Loyalty System
Increasing the number of repeat visits and keeping them closer You can organize campaigns and score points with Loyalty Management. you can make them win.

Online Check-in and Online Payment Opportunity
You can offer your guests Online Check-in and Online Payment.

Collection with Payment Link
You can make your collections by sending a payment link to your guests.

Payment Options
System on-site payment + On-site deposit + Credit Card + Installment + Points It supports different payment methods such as usage.

SSL Certificate and Hotel-Specific Subdomain

Group Hotel Reservation Module
With the Group Hotel Reservation Module, you can sell your different facilities simultaneously. You can present.

To be able to sell different Dates and Different Room types at the same time feature

Group Hotel Reservation Module
With the Group Hotel Reservation Module, you can sell your different properties at the same time. You can present.

Call Center Integration

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