ElektraWeb Has an Integrated Booking Engine

Open Up Your Hotel to World Through Your Own Website Make Profitable Sales

  • ElektraWeb has an integrated booking engine that can be used by guests and travel agents both on the web and on mobile. For group hotels and chains, central reservation system can be used as a booking engine

No Middleman, No Commission

  • With the Online Reservation Module sell directly to your customers and don’t pay commission. Also receive payment directly and in cash from your customers.
  • Hotels using the Elektra Online Reservation Module receives reservations through their own website, inquiries availability instantly through the front office, reserves the appropriate room and confirms the guest.
  • The online reservation page creates awareness for you hotel on the internet, increases the hotels brand equity and creates a CRM database. This information would not have to be shared with another agency or rival.
  • ElektraWeb has a built-in payment processor with PCI DSS certification. You can get secure online credit and debit card payments
  • Elektraweb supports different payment methods such as On-Site Payment + On-Site Deposit + Credit Card + Points

Virtual POS Integration

  • You can either use your own virtual POS or our virtual POS. Our virtual POS has agreements with all banks and provides you with the opportunity to make instalment sales with attractive commission rates.