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Take Your Place in Google With Elektraweb

With Elektraweb – Google Hotel Booking Integration, the hotels rank the highest on Google, announce price-availability and get direct online reservation without paying any commission.

Rank The Highest On Google
With Elektraweb

You can rank the highest on Google hotel searches just by using ElektraWeb online reservation engine.

With ElektraWeb Google Hotel Booking Integration, your hotel is listed on the right side of the search page together with the price links on your own website and all channels connected and ranks the highest on the middle area after the advertisements.

With the direction of Google, you can get reservation directly from your website.

How Can You Benefit From the Relevant Service?

Google Hotel Booking Integration is a feature “included” to ElektraWeb Online Reservation module. All hotels purchasing ElektraWeb Online Reservation module for an extremely economic price as “240 Euros per Year” can easily use the module.

You can directly purchase our Online Reservation module instantly from our web-site or contact us.

How Can Elektraweb Users

Use Google Hotel Booking Integration?

ElektraWeb users do not have to take any additional action to benefit from the relevant service. Since the Online Reservation Module is offered for use as included in ElektraWeb Hotel Program, Google Hotel Booking Integration is automatically activated.

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