SAP preferred ElektraWEB in its hotel clients.

SAP distributor Logosoft made an agreement with ElektraWEB to use ElektraWEB in its hotel clients. SAP is known as one of the best cloud ERP solutions in the world and aims to play an active role in hospitality industry by integrating with high technology and widely used PMS systems like ElektraWEB. The first SAP hotel started using

Elektraweb is Ortakoy Hotel which is one of the renovated antique buildings from The Ottoman Empire period. It is located in a well-known neighborhood in Istanbul and has fascinating views of Bosphorus.

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Miracle of Istanbul found an excellent solution for all its needs in ElektraWEB.

Miracle Asia Business Suite Hotel one of the busiest hotels of Istanbul preferred using ElektraWEB to achieve maximum efficiency in daily operations. This hotel has only 250 rooms but has a very high turnover due to being an airport and conference hotel. ElektraWEB as an all in one system became an excellent solution for fast check-in and check-out operations and high number of POS transactions at outlets, banqueting and meeting operations. Miracle Hotel uses ElektraWEB as a full PMS system together with the SPA manager.

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