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Pentagon is hosted in the cloud like ElektraWeb

Microsoft won the “cloud” tender known as the Defense Infrastructure Joint Venture (JEDI) of the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon).

With the project, which includes all the data of the Ministry, including the confidential information, to be moved to the cloud, it will be possible to access data from all over the world.

Elektraweb, like the Pentagon, is hosted on Microsoft servers, providing high speed and security. Backups are done automatically. Data losses due to virus and power failure are eliminated. It contains an effective logging solution against malicious users

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ElektraWeb is now in Cyprus

550-room Noyanlar Holiday and 55-room Sealife Hotel, owned by Noyanlar Group, started to use ElektraWeb technology as a support in providing the highest service quality to their guests.

ElektraWeb’s front office, booking engine, channel management, agency extranet, POS, accounting, inventory, sales marketing, and identity reader modules are actively used in Sealife Hotel.

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With ElektraWeb, each school has its own school

ElektraWeb is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one cloud-based hotel management software, produced by worldwide experts and served by Microsoft Azure.

We would like to establish educational collaborations with your university and offer you free-of-charge usage of ElektraWeb in your department for educational purposes. We believe that teaching the latest and the most complete technology of today’s hospitality market will provide remarkable advantages for you and for your students.

We provide:

the ElektraWeb software license that will be available to all of your students and academic staff
documentations and all other teaching materials such as the course program, videos, test scenarios, and homework samples
necessary tools to check and measure students’ progress
opportunities for summer training and employment at our partner hotels and resorts using ElektraWeb software.

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Corendon Hotels made an made an agreement with ElektraWEB

Corendon Hotels made an excellent technology choice and made an agreement with ElektraWEB. Corendon is opening a premier resort hotel at Caribbean Islands with more than 850 rooms. The hotel will initially open with 350 rooms in April 2020 The hotel made an agreement with ElektraWEB as a complete automation system and already started using it to receive reservations. Corendon Group is known for applying high techs in its hotels. In the same way in this new hotel, self-check-in and check-out with passport scanning, mobile and guest interactive POS machines will be used.

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SAP preferred ElektraWEB in its hotel clients.

SAP distributor Logosoft made an agreement with ElektraWEB to use ElektraWEB in its hotel clients. SAP is known as one of the best cloud ERP solutions in the world and aims to play an active role in hospitality industry by integrating with high technology and widely used PMS systems like ElektraWEB. The first SAP hotel started using

Elektraweb is Ortakoy Hotel which is one of the renovated antique buildings from The Ottoman Empire period. It is located in a well-known neighborhood in Istanbul and has fascinating views of Bosphorus.

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