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Elektra has an assertive motto You imagine we realize (Aylık ekonomi gazetesi Turkey)
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Elektra has an assertive motto You imagine we realize (Aylık ekonomi gazetesi Turkey)

The biggest dream of Elektra software is to be used worldwide. The firm has concentrated on realizing its objective. Elektra has an assertive motto: You imagine we realize As one of the foremost firms in the sector in the software field, Talya Bilisim offers every kind of software to its customers with its qualified staff. We conducted an interview with Nilufer Leblebicioglu, General Coordinator of Talya Bilisim Ltd. Sti. about the developments in the software sector. Q- Would you please introduce your firm? A- Talya Informatics Co. has 12 years of experience in the sector with two main software products for hoteis and hospitais. Headquartered in Antalya, our firm possesses three subsidiaries in the provinces of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. We work with 41 dealers throughout Tur- key. Q-Wouİdyou inform us about your software? A- Elektra is the first software developed on Windows platform in f— Turkey. Therefore we are quite experienced and have a widespread user network. The most widespread hotel software is Elektra in Tur- key being used by 1148 facilities. Q- What is the main reason of choice for Eİektra? A- There are many reasons for this software to be preferred by hotels. One of the most important reasons is to own a new technology. Besides, we have a software team who knows their work very welI and follow the technological innovations very closely. Q- What kind of system did Eİekcra form? What are its features? A – AlI system in Elektra operates as a whole. There are 18 various modules and alI of those can work in the integrity. The integrated system makes us distinctive from our competitors and puts us in the forefront. It is possible to chase ali workers in a hotel ranging from the front offıce to accounting, technical service to spa center via Elektra. We have made up a system identifıng any problem which happens anywhere so as to solve it immediately. This system works so series featuring to send message or SMS to the related person. Q- How does the system of the compan,y work? A- We, as company, adopt the motto, “You dream we realize”. We can supply the software what our customers demand. Our sector is open to innovations. In service sector it is necessary to follow technology closely, too. We see our customers as our business partners. Q- What are your targets? A- Now our biggest aim is to carry our current software abroad. in fact we stepped in the matter in 2005. We have two connections, one in Germany and one in America. But we want to increase the number of those. We progress with the partnership and clealer system in abroad. Nilufer Leblebiciogİu.

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