Elektraweb Property Management Software

With Elektraweb PMS , you can easily perform transactions such as reservation, reception, housekeeping, invoice, foil, channel manager, online reservation, safety identity notification, and access detailed management reports with a single click

Daily Dashboard

Daily status window provides all critical information about the hotel on a single screen. 


ElektraWeb online hotel management system

hoteliers will have a quick insight into the property’s main status indicators. Some of these are occupancy, revenue, forecast, in-house guests and reservation-related information, even call center notes.  Users see these data in both graphs and lists form. In addition, hoteliers may set the time span for the renewal and display of these data.

Users can easily access ElektraWeb from any mobile device due to its cloud structure. This provides hotel management and staff with an on-demand overview of the activities in the property. What is most attractive is that users do not have to physically be in the property to be able to see what is going on. Their mobiles and/or tablet devices are their window into the hotel property.

Elektraweb Reservation List

  • You can list, sort, group, and filter all of your reservations by any criteria with a single click.
  • With the help of color codes, important information becomes more visible.
  • All functions are accessible with a single click after selecting a single line or multiple lines.
  • All screens can be exported to Excel or to the printer in different formats.
  • In the listings multiple sorting, filtering, searching, grouping are standardized.
  • Thanks to its digital archiving capability, one or more documents can be stored in the related record by scanning or uploading.
  • Users can view only the allowed screens and run the allowed functions depending on their authority.

Elektraweb PMS Reservation Card

Elektraweb PMS;

  • All details about the reservation are in one place.
  • No more duplicate guest profiles. Auto guest lookup feature finds old profiles and puts them together.
  • There is access to room type availability for the current reservation period with a touch of a button.
  • It has the ability to block rooms with one click.
  • It has unlimited profile recording ability.
  • There is authority control for access to the pricing tab; all data related to pricing is in one place.


  • You can carry out all housekeeping processes in a digital environment.
  • You can instantly update your rooms’ dirty-clean and minibar statuses, make an efficient job distribution to your housekeepers, and make performance evaluations easily.
  • There is automatic and/or manual drag-and-drop distribution of the rooms among the maids.


  • You can carry out all housekeeping processes in a digital environment.
  • You can instantly update your rooms’ dirty-clean and minibar statuses, make an efficient job distribution to your housekeepers, and make performance evaluations easily.
  • There is automatic and/or manual drag-and-drop distribution of the rooms among the maids.
  • Different types of folio print outs can be taken.


ElektraWeb allows you to easily perform preliminary accounting transactions such as current account, credit-debit follow-up, cash follow-up, personnel account follow-up, invoice and waybill issuance, and follow-up of checks and promissory notes.

Elektraweb users can see payment collected as cash or credit card, with daily balances in EUR, USD or local currency. This total amount is divided into three segments such as folio, accounting expenses and currency exchange total transactions.

Elektraweb PMS Forecast and Analysis

  • It shows the occupancy, activity, income, and ADR graphs for the selected time period.
  • ElektraWeb allows you to get forecasts based on every detail you enter on the reservation card.
  • You can see past and future occupancy information with a single button.
  • You can access all the statistical information about the agencies, income, and accommodation all on one screen.

Room Calender

  • It is designed in such a way that you can perform the entire operation of the front office (Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Folio, Blockage, Payments)
  • You can access the guest’s reservation card, change room and date with a drag and drop, make collections, check-in/check-out transaction entry, and go to the folio.
  • You can easily drag and drop a reservation around to modify its room number or accommodation range.
  • You can also see your reservations from the online channels that yet not have been assigned a room on top of the blockage screen and drag and drop them to the suitable room.
  • The number of empty rooms is displayed at the bottom of the room type and the full occupancy can be seen on top of the chart.
  • On this same screen, online channels can be managed and POS transactions can be processed


  • You can view instant room statuses and color code them according to cleanliness and occupancy on one screen.
  • You can easily filter the displayed rooms, access arrivals, departures, and in-house information.
  • You can get payments and do folio and checkout operations on the room you selected without leaving this screen.
  • Rooms are labeled using visual icons for VIP and late check-in and check-outs.

Task Management

  • All requests and complaints entered get included to the automatic task management.
  • The expected completion time is determined according to the definition of the task, the department, the authority and the importance
  • The task appears on the screen of the relevant unit or mobile device. The person receiving the call starts by pressing the “start task” button and ends by pressing the “complete task ” button
  • If the task is not scheduled and/or does not end in the max time frame, the message is automatically sent to a higher authority.

Maximum Security While Defining Users 

1. By defining list of safe IPs for your hotel, only users with secure IP addresses will be allowed to log in to your Elektraweb account.
2. If log-in passwords are not used for the specific number of days, you can set their automatic deactivation.
3. You can set as mandatory for the users to change their password in certain day periods.
4. Use of 2FA can be obligatory for all hotel users.
5. Elektraweb user’s password must be at least 8 characters long and it must contain a letter, number and sign.
6. You can enable use of the program only during working hours for the desired user.
7. Specific user can be enabled to login from only one or more IPs.
8. You can set an expiry date for a user password. When this date comes, the password will be removed from use, and this user will no longer be able to log in to the system.
9. You can track the last time the user changed the password.
10.2FA control can be activated for only one specific user. When connected with the specified IPs, 2FA control can be skipped, but when connected with undefined IP, 2FA control can be in use again.
11. When a user logs into the system for the first time, he/she is required to change the password.
12. No other user or system administrator can access password information.

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