Sell on 1500+ Channels with ElektraWeb & Rate Gain Cooperation

    Web-based hotel management software, Elektraweb, started cooperation with Rate Gain, which provides the largest distribution channel service, with 1500+ channels to 125,000 Hotels worldwide. This collaboration takes place in terms of Channel Management, Smart Price Management and GDS Connection solutions.

    Through Rate Gain channel manager, Elektraweb will be more than a distributor of price and availability information to 1500+ channels. It will transform into online hotel management system that creates new revenue opportunities for hotels.

    With its numerous unique features such as two-way channel integration, Smart Distribution, productivity reports, automatic currency converter, common sales pool features, as well as 7 × 24 support, Elektraweb online hotel management system radically changes approach to channel management so it can fulfill the needs of the contemporary hotel industry.