User Roles and Security

elektraweb hotel management software

Elektraweb hotel management software  is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers. These data centers are one of the most powerful and protected ones in the world. With back up in more than 24 points in the world, it means that this system is well-protected from the outside threats. Simultaneously, Elektraweb has internal features that allow authorization and control of the users activities.

ElektraWeb admin users can defined various types of users when setting up the system. In users definition card, admin should first define the basic user’s information such as name/surname and contact information. Furthermore, admin can set user code and password, define main role and enter the user’s position in the property. In addition,  he/she can make IP address settings and set time range when log-in to system is allowed.

Administrator can also define additional roles for this user. Each role has predefined authorizations to see only the screens that are related to their role. For example, housekeeping will only be able to see the housekeeping menu and room rack. HK users are not able to see the accounting menu and records. Only authorized users will be able to see all the screens and additional features such as forecasts, reports and analysis.

As the users with highest authorization, hotel owners can use ElektraWeb as assisting tool when making the best strategic managerial decisions.

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