Travel Agencies

Seyahat Acentaları Ekranı , Travel Agency Screen

ElektraWeb PMS offers hoteliers with a comprehensive solution to keep records of their travel agency partners. In addition, hoteliers can manage contracts with travel agency and establish automatic integration with their reservation systems. First, in this system hoteliers can open record card for each of their travel agency partners. Here they enter relevant information about this agency such as basic definitions, address and accounting information. Moreover, they define default settings and parameters to be used when creating contracts and defining agreed prices.  This will save time when creating new reservation or groups of reservations for this agency.

Secondly, in ElektraWeb PMS users can easily define contract and price rates, as well as stop sales, allotment quotas and similar. Finally, ElektraWeb can integrate with travel agency’s systems. In this way, reservations from agency program automatically go into hotels PMS. After revision of the incoming reservations, hotel users can confirm these reservations and automatically send them to ElektraWeb’s reservation list.

ElektraWeb is a perfect solution for the hotel’s internal operations but also very useful in managing operations with the external partners.

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