Task Management

Hotel Program Task Management-Elektraweb Hotel Management System & Hotel Software

Hotel management and overall the whole staff is putting a great effort to assure flawless functioning of their property. Everyone from technical department, housekeeping, CRM to front desk are trying to maintain all hotel facilities in perfect state. Together with this, it is essential to answer to hotel guests’ needs leaving them satisfied. Therefore, establishing impeccable communication network between these departments but also with the customers is vital. For this, task management module in ElektraWeb online hotel management software is the perfect solution.

Due to its cloud-based structure, ElektraWeb will allow to both guests and hotel staff to easily report any failure spotted in the hotel.  Users can easily take pictures of the spotted failure, device that do not work, room not cleaned properly etc. and report it to the hotel. Then responsible department can process this task and inform all related hotel staff members  about the problem. Through ElektraWeb it is possible to trace the fulfillment of this task until it is back to the previous functioning mode. Not only can guests or users report problems, but also complaints, compliments, suggestions and similar.

Keeping everything running smoothly in the hotel while making every guest satisfied is a very hard task. However, ElektraWeb hotel management solution is there to assist and assure that every task is on the proper track.

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