Sales Projects Management

Sales Projects is part of ElektraWeb software which is particularly useful when creating group reservations and/or organizing special events. Some of these events can be banquets, meetings and conferences organized for specific groups in the hotel.

Sales teams will be able to easily and in detail define their sales projects under one screen. Sales project card contains all the relevant information about the group. Users can keep records of the meetings held with the group representatives, meeting notes, offers, define banquets with details such as equipment, special services and meals and create sales blocks and quotes. Once group accepts the offer and confirms the arrival, these sales blocks can be broken into real reservation records. Then receptionist may enter the guest names, as they get notified by the group representatives. Finally, folio transactions and revenues from this group sales project can be followed. This will allow better revenue analysis and management.

With ElektraWeb’s Sales Project module, hoteliers will be able to use the full benefits and potential of the MICE activities in their property.

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