Room Share

elektraweb hotel management software
In their everyday operations, hoteliers have to deal with various guest combinations and requests. Sometimes check-in and check-out dates of the guests staying in the same room are different. Furthermore, sometimes receptionists or guests wish to keep their folios separate. In these situations, there is an option in ElektraWeb PMS to create the second virtual reservation record called Share Reservation.
Characteristics of the Share Reservations created in ElektraWeb hotel management system are as follows:
  • In the reservation list guest names from main reservation are shown in dark pink, while shared rooms are shown in light pink colour.
  • Room price and number of people is shown in the main room.
  • Number of people, room and price in the shared room is zero,
  • Reservation ID of the main room is shown in both main and the shared room in the Share No part of the reservation card.
  • When the shared reservations are blocked, room numbers will be the same.
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