Room Calendar

Elektraweb’s Room Calendar is a feature that facilitates hotel’s front office operations. It transforms reservation management from time consuming and complicated activity into enjoyable and stress-free working experience. From only one screen, with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, receptionists can perform a set of reservation-related tasks.

Design of room calendar  allows users to easily perform main front office operations (Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Folio, Blockage, Payments). Users can access the guest’s reservation card, change room and date, make collections, check-in/check-out entry and folio transactions. They can easily change room number and accommodation date by simply dragging and dropping the related reservation box on the calendar. Furthermore, receptionist can track online reservations for which room was not assigned yet from top of the blockage or calendar screen. He can easily move them to the suitable room on the calendar. At the bottom of the room type, users may see the number of empty rooms.

From Calendar, ElektraWeb software users will easily manage online channels and process POS transactions. They can also list, sort, group, and filter reservations by any criteria. Users can easily access all functions with a single click and  by selecting single or multiple lines. Moreover, with the use of color codes customized according to user’s preferences, important information become more visible. In addition, users can export all screens to Excel or print them in different formats. Due to its digital archiving capability, users can scan, upload and store one or more documents regarding specific reservation record. Finally, users can view only the allowed screens and run the allowed functions depending on their authority.

After trying out ElektraWeb’s Room Calendar, front-office staff will appreciate how easy is to use it, but at the same time how efficient and effective it is.

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