Reservation Blocks

Hotel Pms Sales Blocks , Otel Satış blokları Ekranı

Hoteliers can define reservations or sales blocks for the banquet organizations as well as for regular group reservations coming from agencies. When defining blocks, user enters agreed quotas of desired room types. These are then grouped into blocks for each day of the group staying period. From the forecast screen hotelier can clearly see the difference between individual and group or block reservations.

Once group accepts the offer and confirms the arrival, user can break these sales blocks into real reservation records. Front office staff can update these records with the guest names and other details.  Name of the sales project or group automatically appears in each reservation record.

Hotel users may reach sales blocks by opening the related sales project record. In addition, there is the separate list of sales block records under Sales Management menu.

Reservation or sales blocks  feature represents one more tool in successful revenue and occupancy management with cloud-based ElektraWeb PMS.

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