elektraweb hotel management software

In such a busy and busy place as a hotel, it is not surprising that guests can lose or forget personal belongings. Therefore, it is extremely important for hoteliers to keep a record of all things left behind, as they can be of great value to guests. The ElektraWeb management system offers the Lost and abandoned items module.

The administrator enters information about lost or found items in the hotel and fills in the guest’s contacts, in case the guest requested help on their own. In addition to describing the item itself, determining when it was found or lost, and providing a brief description, images or photos of the item can also be added to this entry. Since ElektraWeb is a web application, the user can use their mobile or tablet device to take a photo and automatically update it in the desired entry.

You can always count on the support of the ElektraWeb system, which will help you and your guests find them in the shortest possible time.

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