Daily Prices and Availability

Channel Manager With PMS

Daily price and availability is a common feature of ElektraWeb PMS, especially among those hotels with lot of online reservations. This is because from this screen hoteliers can easily manage their own and other online sales channels.

From ElektraWeb’s daily room price and availability screen, hotel users are automatically updating prices on their online reservation page. On this screen, users should select the desired date range and enter the amount and number of rooms they wish to charge in this period. Simultaneously, through two-way integration,online sales channels automatically receive these price information.

From this screen, hoteliers can also set and check the stop sales for desired date range. In addition, they can have the overview of how many rooms are sold and how many of them remained. They can make additional settings such as minimum/maximum length of stay. Users can choose between automatically updating the prices, based on their default price factor settings, or they can manually enter the prices for each room type.

Finally, users can see the list of online distributors and follow log records of ElektraWeb PMS and related channel integration.

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