Daily Dashboard

Daily status window provides all critical information about the hotel on a single screen. 

From ElektraWeb online hotel management system hoteliers will have a quick insight into the property’s main status indicators. Some of these are occupancy, revenue, forecast, in-house guests and reservation-related information, even call center notes.  Users see these data in both graphs and lists form. In addition, hoteliers may set the time span for the renewal and display of these data.

Users can easily access ElektraWeb from any mobile device due to its cloud structure. This provides hotel management and staff with an on-demand overview of the activities in the property. What is most attractive is that users do not have to physically be in the property to be able to see what is going on. Their mobiles and/or tablet devices are their window into the hotel property.

To sum up, ElektraWeb is a precise and quick reporter of all main figures in a property, which are vital for the effective and efficient hotel management.

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