Contract Management

pms hotel management software

With ElektraWeb cloud-based hotel management program managing contract has never been easier. This program offers Contract Wizard option for multiple entry of different prices and rate for different sales and realization periods. This is applicable for all room types, board types and with the possibility to define prices for an endless guest combinations that hoteliers are seeing in their everyday operations. Some of the other contract-related options are as follows:

  • System automatically calculates early booking reservation discounts according to occupancy rate of the period.
  • Moreover, automatic discount calculations are formalized for daily reservations according to the time of the day. For example %10 decrease for every two hour after 16:00 etc.
  • Finally, users can easily define and apply Stop sale periods and agency allotments.

In one word, with ElektraWeb’s contract management there will be no more waste of endless hours on entering data, checking to avoid mistakes and extra calculations. Define it once, and let the ElektraWeb PMS to take care of the rest.

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