Check-in and check-out operations are the basic operations in hotel and inevitable feature of any hotel management system. Thus, in the reception’s rush hours, quick check-in-out transaction will speed up the process. In Elektraweb online hotel automation system check-in is performed with one click and reservation(s) are sent to In-House list either from room calendar or reservation list.

In order to do the check-in in ElektraWeb:

  • Check-in and program date have to be the same,
  • Reservation has to have a room number and
  • Room state have to be Clean or Confirmed.

System will send you the automatic warning message in case:

  • Today is not the check-in date 
  • Room is dirty,
  • Room is occupied and
  • There is a check-in note in reservation.  

With Elektraweb check-in has never been easier and faster!

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